"Bullet" Concentrate Vaporizer Kit

Offered in a nicely compact size, the “Bullet” Vape Pen by our friends at The Kind Pen is a portable concentrate vaporizer. Its atomizer is constructed with dual quartz rods and titanium coils, which both sit inside of a ceramic heating chamber. This atomizer then securely screws onto the pen itself. Its mechanism ensures the efficiency and flavor of vapor, as any oils that fall off the coils are heated by the ceramic chamber. Thus, the ceramic chamber allows you to reuse any oils s that do no vaporize, as ceramic material is less conductive than quartz glass. As a safety measure, this mobile-friendly vaporizer only requires 5 clicks to power on and off. This way, you don’t have to worry about the power accidentally being activated or deactivated. Accompanying the “Bullet” vape, there is an expandable micro USB charger and packing tool within the kit. There is also a lifetime warranty that is included with your purchase of the “Bullet.” For details on your warranty, read the warranty card contained within the packaging. This card contains the serial number of your vaporizer pen, and also provides The Kind Pen’s contact information so you can redeem your warranty if ever required