Trio Vaporizer

by Yocan
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Just as it's name suggests, The Trio from Yocan is a pod vaporizer powerful enough to smoke e-juices, oils, and concentrates. Yocan's Trio vape is equipped with a separate magnetic pod for each of its three uses. A 500mAh battery powers the sleek pocket size vaporizer, and giving the user roughly 30 minutes of usage time. Activate Trios Battery with 5 presses of the button located in the center. Press the button an additional 3 times to cycle through temperature settings; White(Low), Blue(Medium), and Green(High).  A micro USB port on the side of the vaporizer is used to recharge as need. 

We recommend These Temperature settings for your choice of smoking materials:

Concentrates - High Green Setting

Oils - Low White or Medium Blue Settings

E-Liquids -  Low White or Medium Blue Settings

So much versatility and power packed into a travel friendly 3" frame, The Trio is the perfect go to vaporizer device for any smoker on the move.

Yocan Trio Kit Includes:

  • x1 Yocan Trio Battery
  • x1 One concentrate pod
  • x1 One oil pod
  • x1 One e-liquid pod
  • x1 USB charging cable