V2.5 Ceramic Coated Grinders

by SLX

The SLX v2.5 Ceramic Coated Non-Stick Grinder is a 4-piece herb grinder with a proprietary non-stick ceramic coating, designed to eliminate grinder lock! Other features include a removable kief screen, trapezoid-shaped teeth for an airy grind, and ONE set of threads!

The popular 4-piece SLX v2.5 Grinder features a 100% non-toxic, FDA-approved ceramic coating with ZERO Teflon® or PTFE on every surface. This prevents the build-up of organic materials, which can develop sticky surfaces over time. 

The comfort-designed grips and trapezoid-shaped cutting teeth have four sharp-angled sides that cut an airy consistency for even-burning weed. And the easily removable screen is the finest steel-mesh, allowing clean material to drop through to the kief chamber.

Precision design and manufacturing allow the SLX v2.5 Grinder to have a single set of threads on both the grind and kief chambers. This is much faster to unscrew than other grinders.