Wig Wag Bubble Carb Cap

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Wavy Glass Bubble 

Beautiful lampworking creates this Wig Wag Bubble Carb Cap for a brightly twisted look to your dabs. This twisted and worked borosilicate bubble carb captures heat inside the bucket to fully vape your oil.

It’s a directional carb cap to control the airflow and works well with low-temp dabs, down to the last little sizzle. Saving oil saves money, and that’s done with a tap of your finger. Less waste means a cleaner rig, too, with less waste at the base of your banger.

Made from thick WigWag-styled imported glass, this Bubble Carb Cap is a colorful addition to any dabbers collection. 

Compatible with most banger styles.

These carb caps are handmade, so color and pattern may vary!