9" Water Pipe Dumroo Styled Flat Based Bong w/ Perc


9 Inch Water Pipe w/ Dumroo Shape and Colored Accents - 

The 9" Dumroo shaped pipe is an excellent starter or everyday use pipe to get you into the world of glass. It's got everything that you need and style galore.
With a basic showerhead perc in the base of the chamber and a classy design, this piece boasts both top-of-the-line filtration as well as a clean look to it. In addition to all of that, it comes in several colors and is compatible with all 14mm male bangers meaning you can smoke both flower and concentrate from it. 
BTW - If you didn't know what a Dumroo shape was, it's ok!  We didn't either.....It's a style of drum that's shaped like this bong and is widely used in Indian film music, and the local Indian folk music of Jamaica, Suriname, Guyana, Caribbean, South Africa, Mauritius, Trinidad and Tobago as well as other countries.  Lesson over!  (go get this this bong before we run out.....)

Bong Details:

  • 9" Water Pipe w/ Flat Base
  • 1" Diameter mouth
  • 2.8" Diameter base
  • 14mm male Bowl
  • Compatible with a 14mm male banger