Ceramic Vanilla Cupcake with Frosting Pipe

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Novelty pipes are an important collection in any smoke shop. Fashioncraft is a leading brand when it comes to smoking pieces that have fun and crazy shapes. Set these products out in their own display area and you’ll be amazed at how many customers wander over to check them all out. These make great gift options, especially around the holidays, and their affordable price points make them a fun impulse buy. We recommend taking these pipes out of the box to really show off all their fun details. The Cupcake Pipe comes in a colorful, girly box that customers may want to keep for storage. It has real images and cartoon images of the pipe, and the sides say “I’m Sweet and Delicious!"


  • CUPCAKE | The Cupcake Pipe is designed to look like a big vanilla cupcake with white icing and rainbow sprinkles. The mouthpiece is a chocolate wafer stick on the top, and the bowl extends out the front of the blue paper cup.
  • SIZE | The Cupcake is a larger sized piece that stands 4.25” tall, 3.75” wide, and 4.5” long. The choke is on the side. Despite it’s unique shape it is comfortable to hold.
  • CERAMIC | The Cupcake Pipe is made entirely of ceramic. It was made all in one piece, so there are no extra parts or attachments. It has a colorful, textured finish that makes it look realistic.
  • NOVELTY | Novelty pipes like the Cupcake Pipe make great gifts, especially during the holiday season. The functional, recognizable shape will resonate with different customers, inspiring more impulse buys than the average piece.
  • PACKAGING | The Cupcake Pipe comes in a colorful box that customers may want to keep for storage. Real and cartoon images of the pipe are shown on the sides, and it says “I’m Sweet and Delicious!”