Custom Glass 3.5" Blue and Pink Slyme Brick Hand Pipe

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The Slyme Brick hand pipe is a small, straight pipe that fits comfortably in hand. This is a standard handheld pipe that features an intricate blue and pink design woven into the gold fumed pink glass. Hand pipes are a staple for any stoner; this is one of the easiest accessories to load up and use. These bowls are small, just 3.5” long, which makes them ultra portable. Stash it in a protective case to prevent any chips and toss it in your bag before an adventure. The Gold Fumed Brick flower bowl is a great, affordable option for both novice and veteran smokers alike. Do you have some empty space in your glass display case? The Slyme Brick bowl will fit in seamlessly with the rest of your offerings. These are exactly the type of lightweight, portable, cheap glass hand pipes your customers are looking for in a pinch.