Custom Glass Water Pipe - 10" - Tie Dye

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The Tie Dye 10” Custom Glass Water Pipe is a glass water bubbler with a full marble design. This mini bong has a rounded base and water chamber that is very stable on a flat surface. The bowl attachment protrudes from the front and has a 14mm male joint. 

The Water Pipe includes a marbled dry herb bowl. This piece is versatile and can also be used as a dab rig for concentrates, just replace the glass bowl with a banger. The percolator touches the very bottom and delivers an even smoother experience than a regular water pipe.

Standing 10” tall, the bubbler can fit in your glass display case alongside your other glass products without taking up too much space. This piece has a pop of color that complements the cannabis plant itself. This is a lovely starter glass bubbler for those just getting into smoking!

Colors may vary.