Custom Glass Water Pipe - 6" - Tie Dye

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The Tie Dye 6” Custom Glass Water Pipe is a decorative glass bubbler with a wide base and curved mouthpiece. The base is covered in a red and white tie-dye design that gives a whimsical touch to the piece. The downstem curves down into the water chamber, requiring a minimal amount of water for great filtration and a super smooth hit.

The Tie Dye bong has a 14mm downstem, and includes a clear glass flower bowl with a handle that prevents your fingers from needing to grip a hot bowl. This piece can also be utilized as a dab rig for concentrates, just replace the glass bowl with a 14mm banger.

Standing just 6” tall, the Tie Dye bubbler can fit in your glass display case alongside your other offerings without taking up too much valuable real estate. Small but mighty, this piece’s subtle pop of color draw’s the eye while not being in-your-face. This is a great starter glass bong for those just getting into smoking!