EG Glass 15" Cross Decal Beaker Water Pipe - Transparent Black

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A quality water pipe is a piece that can last for years, even decades, if it’s taken care of properly. The EG Glass beaker water pipes fall into this category of well-made, quality piece that are made to last. This beaker style bong is huge, standing 15” tall. Because it is made of such thick glass, it’s a bit heavy to pick up, but not so heavy that it feels as if it might get dropped. The transparent black neck ring gives it a sleek, mysterious look. The etched decals on the base resemble a religious figure, and there are crosses etched in all over the neck. There is a collar at the base of the neck that acts as an ice catch, which can cool down the smoke and make it less harsh. Fill the piece with water to just above the percolator holes in the glass downstem. The 14mm flower bowl is made of clear glass and has a decent capacity.