G Pen Dash

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Grenco Science delivers one of the most powerful pocket-sized vaporizers available today in the form of The G Pen Dash. The Dash mouthpiece clasps magnetically to the battery's aluminum alloy frame and also acts as the oven chamber's lid. The chamber features a glass-coated stainless steel chamber that creates a magnificently smooth and flavorful hit not found in other portable dry herb vaporizers.

The G Pen Dash is not only highly portable but highly powerful as well sporting a rechargeable 950mAh battery featuring three temperature settings indicated by blue, green, and red LED lights. These lights also indicate the Dash's battery level with a three-tiered bar portraying high, medium, and low across all three temperature settings. The dynamic Dash herb vaporizer also includes a “session mode”, a protective automatic shutoff feature, and convenient passthrough charging allowing you to use the Dash even when plugged in!