HEMPER Notes Rolling Papers (24-Pack)



You have arrived!

The HEMPER Notes 24-Pack features our very own HEMPER Notes Luxury Rolling Papers. Made from the finest natural ingredients, they don't just make for a smooth smoke, they make a serious statement. 

Notes burn slow and smooth.

Our super-fine organic hemp & natural non-toxic soy coloring provides not just a smooth smoke but a slow and even burn to allow you to savor your Notes session.

Every HEMPER Note is enhanced for superior sealing, every time.

Our proprietary glue strip, made from all-natural sugar gum, is half the width of standard glues and twice as effective!  The conveniently resealable wallet protects and stores your papers and tips as you roll in luxury with HEMPER Notes.



  • (24) Packs of 10 HEMPER Notes Luxury Rolling Papers