Stache 14mm Micro Rig RiO Replacement Glass Water Pipe - Smoke

by Stache
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  • The Stache RiO Rig-in-One is a totally modular device. This means that it is fully customizable, and you can replace a single piece if it ever chips, breaks, or stops functioning. The Stache Micro Rig is a replacement glass piece that attaches to the RiO's silicone base. The Micro Rig can also be used on its own as a bong or standalone dab rig! Simply fill it with water to just above the perc, insert your 14mm bowl or banger, and use as normal.

  • STACHE RIO | The Stache RiO Rig-in-One is a portable, mechanical dab rig that is totally modular. There are fewer parts to maintain and replace, and the Micro Rig is the replacement glass piece.

  • STANDALONE | The Micro Rig can fit right into the RiO's silicone base, or it can be used on its own! Fill it with water and insert a banger or bowl in the female downstem.

  • FROSTED | These colored glass rigs are sandblasted, so it appears opaque while still allowing you to check your water level.

  • 14MM JOINT | The Micro Rig has a built-in glass showerhead percolator at the end of the 14mm downstem. Fill the glass with water to just cover the perc to ensure insanely smooth hits every time.

  • CUSTOMIZE | The Micro Rig makes it easy to mix and match each piece of the RiO. Choose your own base color, Micro Rig, banger style, and carb cap to completely customize your piece.