Triple Honeycomb Perc Skinny Water Pipe

blue-check Height: 12+ inches
blue-check Joint: 14mm female
blue-check Borosilicate Glass
blue-check 2-Prong Dewar's Joint
blue-check 3 Honeycomb Percs
blue-check 5mm Thick Mouthpiece
blue-check 32mm Diameter
blue-check 3.5" base (5mm thick)

You’ll be stackin’ bubbles with this powerful triple-perc pipe.

Boo Glass presents a piece of glass that’s here to carry you through winter hibernation to summertime extravaganza. Give it a rip from the comfortably flared 5mm-thick mouthpiece to experience the transformation. Dry herbs exit the glass funnel bowl through a 90-degree, 14mm female joint. The thick, scientific glass water pipe stands 12+ inches tall and is reinforced with a two-prong Dewar’s joint. Three tiers of honeycomb percolation cleanse every inhale with impressive hydrodynamics.

The natural feeling mouthpiece measures 32mm in diameter, while the stable base at the opposite end measures 3.25 inches and 5mm thick. The narrow neck enhancement creates an eye-catching silhouette with a futuristic feel. Take your choice between clear, green, blue, and black glass accents to suit your personal style. Upgrade the funnel slide to a 14mm male nail to elevate the experience with premium dual function.

Works well with an 18mm male banger